Wondering why your iPhone is lagging? Or why is it draining too fast? Are you tired of your iPhone lagging and draining out too fast? Then this is the right place to know how to speed up your phone.

iPhone’s are the most trendiest of phones ever. Setting down a standard in the mobile phone industry, iPhone’s have become one of the most costliest phones ever. Being costly nobody loves to get rid of their iPhone any sooner but who loves a phone that is not able keep up with the pace of your apps or whose battery drains out too quick. Nobody loves that, So there is a need to Reset iPhone battery to improve performance of your iPhone. Let us now tell you how to make your lagging behind old iPhone perform better.

Reset iPhone battery to improve performance

Steps you need to follow to make your iPhone perform better are here:-

  1. Drain out the battery of your iPhone completely until it switches off on its own.
  2. Now, put it on charging and let it charge till it 100% and just keep it aside. Let it charge some more time even after hitting 100% battery level.
  3. And then start using your phone.
  4. Repeat this procedure with your iPhone every third day to help it perform better.


Not only this procedure, there is one more way simpler procedure you can go for to make your oldie work like a energetic newbie. For this all you need to do is:-

  1. Press the home button and wake/sleep button together until the apple logo shows up on the screen.
  2. The phone will now automatically turn off.
  3. Restart your phone after few minutes.
  4. It will be now all good to go.


These are a few hacks that could help you to make your iPhone better but these are not full proof hacks. These hacks work only when there is no technical error in the phone. If your phone has got some technical errors due to which its lagging behind and not performing or there is a need of iPhone Repair, well then the experts are needed to be consulted. The fixing of technical errors should not be taken in your own hands as you might not be an expert in this which shall lead you to losing your beloved iPhone permanently.

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