iPhones have earned it all. The name and the fame worldwide, where people appreciating the great features they have been providing. But when it comes to complaints, again they have the common edge over any region. The strict updating pop-ups and the delicate screen issues. Followed by the iCloud problems on storage. This makes iPhone repair in England a bit difficult. But there is one company that has a hand over every trick to solve the issues, Ifixed. The company is from the same region giving the best services for long.

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Deleting of the messages automatically:

Deleting the messages from the iPhone is combination of two process. This means there are features in the phone itself that can save you from the issue, you just need to carefully understand the process:

  1. Checking the message storage:

Before you proceed to delete the messages, you need to check the actual storage it is eating up in your phone. For this you need to open setting and get yourself to the window of the general list. Look for the option that relates to storage. Opening to the same option will get you to the option of storage of the different objects. The storage window of the iCloud shows the list of the different objects occupying the respective space. You will get the “messages” in the same list. You will see the space it uses beside it.

  1. Changing the settings:

When you are already horrified with the huge space occupied by the messages, you will go back to the original list of setting to the settings. Scroll downwards till you find the option of the “messages”. Click on the option that will take you to the setting of the messages. In the lower section of the same message settings window says “keep messages” option. Go to that setting and change the option from “forever” to either “30 days” or “1 year”. This will show the reflection in the space for sure.

But the one thing that you need to keep in mind, if there are some messages you want permanent, this process will not work for you. If you can save the message somewhere else or take a screenshot can be the ways out of the issue. By doing this, you already have the important messages that won’t be lost. So, when the messages get deleted automatically, you already have the important with you. If you cant make that happen, then it is advised to not go with this process.


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