IPhone is more durable than ordinary android smartphones. But that does not mean they are immune to damage. The phones screen are made of glass, and it happens that the glass breaks when it falls to the ground. So if your IPhone drops for several time, and now the screen glass looks like a spider web, if you don’t have warranty period, the only way to fix it is to book your IPhone repair through Ifixed website. But, all the workshops are not the same, so this is what you should ask before handing them your phone.

  • How much?
  • How long does it take?
  • What kind of guarantee do you offer? (Parts and service or parts or service only? Is the warranty limited for life?

iphone repair in England

Call the genuine service store

If the IPhone device is relatively new (if it is still under warranty), the first place to look for a solution is the manufacturer. The price of replacing the screen varies by device model. But, for an IPhone model newer than 6S, the price will be affordable, plus a couple of days without a phone. Going to the manufacturer is almost always more expensive than an independent workshop, but that way you keep the warranty intact and your phone will be perfectly repaired.

But, if you phone is not under warranty, then it will be ideal to book your IPhone repair in Ifixed service center. Simply visit the mobile repair company in England website, talk to the representative and, book your time. If you want, any professional can visit your place and, have a look into your smartphone.

Fix it in an independent workshop

If you have an IPhone, you will get all the genuine Apple parts in Ifixed, an independent smartphone repair company which repairs the screen for the relatively cheap price. If your Android device is no longer guaranteed or is a less popular model, you will probably save money if you go to an independent repair shop. Some also offer a slightly lower price for repairing broken glass. Using an independent workshop has a couple of benefits, in addition to the price.

First, the service is fast (in some cases less than an hour, a workshop even offers mobile phone repairs at home and fix my phone in my own house – Ifixed does it), which means that you will not stay long without your smartphone. Most of these workshops offer a warranty on the parts they replace, which also means you can call them if the repaired screen stops working for any reason, except, of course, if you drop it again.

Conclusion: Mobile phones repair in ifixed 

Ifixed guarantee the affordable prices. Their low price guarantee ensures that you get the lowest possible price for your repair. You will not find a lower published price for the same repair, anywhere. In addition, all repairs in ifixed comes with a warranty in case something happens after the repair. It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung, or Apple smartphone, at ifixed, no device is too new or too complicated for the professional technicians.