Apart from the three basic needs i.e. food, shelter and clothing smartphones have become a fourth necessity in our day to day life. iPhones considered to be among the topmost and reliable brands release new and upgraded versions of their devices on a regular basis. The iPhone 6 plus is one of the popular smart phones released by Apple Inc. iPhones are best known for their robust performance and outstanding build quality. Apple is known for the integration of top-quality hardware components along with the popular iOS software platform to provide an outstanding overall user experience.

iPhone 7 screen repair

“With great power comes great responsibility” – as they say, iPhone smartphone users can do so much using their mobile phone, from basic calling functionality to access internet, entertainment, emailing, conferencing and many more. It is similar to a power in an individual’s hand, and iPhones come under the medium to high-end smart phone segments. It is a responsibility of an individual to protect their smartphones to make the maximum utilization of the power.

Most of the iPhone users have had complains about iphone 6s screen repair, battery issues. Accidents are inevitable and are bound to happen. An individual should take care of their smart phone so that they can continue experiencing the power smoothly for a long-lasting term. Some tips which iFixed technicians advise are as mentioned:

  • Screen: The iPhone 6s screen is the most delicate component for which maximum users complain. The round edges of iPhone 6S help in reducing the impact on the glass screen, though users should consider investing in a proper toughened case for their iPhones to prevent it from damage in case of accidental falls. The screen is made of Gorilla glass and is scratch resistant but there still might be possibilities of damages, it is advised to go for a reliable screen protector.
  • Battery: The battery is another essential part which an individual must take care of. Batteries have a limited lifespan. One must take care not to charge the phone overnight, it degrades the battery performance. iPhone batteries are claimed to have minimum of 500 charge cycles before they fall below 80% capacity. One must not use third party chargers which claim to charge your phone faster. They damage your batteries by pushing more amount of charge than the battery can sustain to charge fast but degrade the capacity on a long term. You should try and keep your battery between 65% to 75% for optimum performance.
  • Software: Apple sends out regular OTA (Over-the-air) updates for iOS on compatible devices. Always keep your iPhones up-to-date to make use of the latest functionalities as well as take advantage of the improved software integrations in the new stability updates. Remove unnecessary applications which stress the battery and take up unnecessary space in your phone. Avoid connecting your iPhone 6 plus to PCs at public places or untrustworthy places as you expose your phone to dangerous virus as well as malware.
  • Servicing: Just like our bikes and cars require regular maintenance, our smartphones also require to be checked for long-lasting returns. Regular check-ups of your iphone 6 plus at reliable service centers is essential. iFixed repairs take care of your iPhone once it is handed over to them for servicing. Most of the smart phones are serviced and returned on the same day. If in case of any screen repair or mobile phone repairs they will make replacements using genuine spare parts only after your approval.