You can get your iPhone fixed from various places that include normal shops as well as franchise stores. Well, since it is an electronic device several issues can occur to the device that needs repair or fixing. Sometimes the issues are so severe that the part needs replacement too. You can get your iPhone fixed from official Apple stores and to get devices fixed from the franchise stores you will have to book an appointment online. But, getting if fixed from offline stores such as ifixed repairs will cost you less and will take less time than Apple stores. They deliver the same services of high quality as it is delivered by the franchises. No matter if is an iPhone 7 screen repair or replacing its battery since it has stopped providing good backup. Various types of iPhone repair services are provided by the company. 

iphone 7 screen repair

Details of the services offered

Cost of different services may vary since it depends on the intensity of damage caused. Your iPhone will be examined thoroughly and an estimate will be provided that will confirm the repair cost that you will have to pay to get your device fixed. The different types of services offered to fix your iPhone are listed below: 

  • Screen replacement – Cracked screen of the device needs immediate replacement. A device with a cracked screen should not be used since there are chances that the chapped screen might hurt the user. The LCD and the screen in an iPhone are connected to each other and the whole set needs to be replaced. The store fixed repairs use genuine Apple parts to ensure good quality services are provided to the customers and the screen works like new phone after getting replaced. The services are sometimes provided on the same day so that you don’t have to wait too long. iPad screen repair services are also offered.
  • Battery replacement – Battery of an iPhone or iPad can also be fixed by ifixed repairs or other authorised Apple stores. Genuine battery with a warranty is offered and great quality services are offered to ensure that the battery has good performance and provides a great backup. Apple authorised store’s warranty covers battery replacement services as well if the battery stops working or fails due to a manufacturing defect. But batteries that are worn out because of normal use are not covered in the warranty plan and they need replacement. You can get them replaced at effective prices from ifixed repairs. 
  • Other repair services – An electronic device can face other issues as well such as liquid damage, improper functioning of the home button, or an accessory of an iPhone may also stop working. The stores work on all problems are they are being fixed at comparatively low rates. Genuine repair services are provided by the store. 

It the iPhone is in warranty then any manufacturing defect can be fixed from the franchise of Apple for free and no charges are applicable. However, the warranty does not cover liquid damage, physical damage, or any accidental damage. You may have to pay fees to get the device fixed.