Are you an iPhone user, probably iPhone provides fun towards both your business and personal life. Nowadays, most of the iPhone users facing a big problem that is limited battery life.

You might feel your iPhone be the most fantastic technology in the world. But once their battery life is running out, they are little more than metal and glass slabs.

Sometimes, when your battery stop holding charge, it might get your iPhone repair, which is a crucial thing. The battery life of your iPhone may vary, which depends on the iPhone generation.

Here are some ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life. You should remember that if your iPhone or IPad’s battery life is deplorable, even after following some tips, there might be some problem with your device hardware.


Best Ways to improve iPhone battery life in any generation iPhone device 

Don’t bother quitting apps

IPhone users tend to quit apps. It is the logical way to stop them sucking away at the battery. If you want to quit an app, just double tap on the home button and swipe up on the app which you want to quit.

Probably, it helps to improve your battery life.


Turn on Low Power Mode

iOS 9 comes with Low Power Mode feature that reduces power requirements as well as help to makes your battery live longer. If Apple enables the mode, it will gain three extra hours of your iPhone battery life.

Low Power Mode only happens automatically in the background, it’s not a default option. When your mobile hit 20% remaining power, you will get a warning flash and there is an option to turn on the Low Power Mode. If it is enabled, it reduces the power consumption as well as stopping mail fetch.


Update iOS

Updating OS in the smartphone is a useful all-purpose fix when you are facing some minor problems with your iPad or iPhone. iOS update rolls out fixes for vulnerabilities, glitches, and bugs. It helps to fix all the issues that you are facing with your iPhone. It includes battery problems.


Check Battery usage

Check whether your real problem is your battery or not. The easiest way is to check the battery usage in your iPhone or iPad.

If your iPhone is working correctly, the usage time should be less than a minute, while standby time should be gained five minutes.

If the usage time is more than a minute, something is stopping your phone from sleeping.


Turn down Brightness

The device pixel lightnings need a lot of energy. In fact, screen brightness is the biggest iPhone battery killer. Fortunately, you have a way to improve your battery life. So, you can save battery life by adjusting the iPhone’s brightness. It is common for all.

These are the ways for improving iPhone battery life when consuming normal iPhone experience and operation as possible. Sometimes smart phone repair due to the replacement of bad battery cell. So you have to go to the experienced professionals.  All these tips valid for other iOS devices such as iPad, iPad Mini and all generation of iPhone.