Housing case of iPhone can be replaced if due to some reason the case is being broken and needs fixing. Ifixed Repairs provides iPhone repair services at affordable rates and replacing the parts are also possible with them. Whether you want to get an iPhone 6 repair or iPhone 7, repair services for all Apple products are provided by them. It’s rear housing or back cover replacement services are also offered so that you don’t have to replace your phone with a new phone. Though physical damage is not covered in the warranty, you can opt to take your device to a third-party technologist who is offering repair services for years and can get your device repaired from there.

iphone 6 screen replacement

The services are offered to all neighbouring places at affordable rates to ensure that they have a good and satisfied customer base. The repair services of ifixed repairs can be easily relied upon and they also offer a warranty on some replaced parts. On the iPhone 4, its back was fully covered with a glass panel that can easily get cracked or hampered due to mishandling. The replacement of this type of housing case does not require much time and can be quickly done on the same day. You can also opt to wait for some time in the store by the time they get your phone fixed.

Fixing parts on other models as well

The same options are also available in 5 and 5s and they have the option to replace the small glass sections top and the bottom part that is made of black glass that includes replacing the camera lens as well. Replacement of the camera lens is considered to check whether it has broken or not. You should keep a note that the centre portion of the back of the iPhone is made of aluminium.

iPhone 5 screen repair or the housing repair is basically related to change the back case, that is made in the middle with the help of aluminium, and there are glass strips present at the top and the bottom of the device. There is a twist in the iPhone devices since the back cover of an iPhone has all major components in it and sometimes the device can get so complicated that is needs time before making some other changes to it.

After looking at the complexity of the task, it is the best decision to leave such things and repair services on some experienced technologists who have great experience in doing these kinds of work almost every day. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus has a rear cover that is of a single unibody aluminium housing that is also included at the sides and back and almost all over it they have iPhone assemblies.

The repair services offered by ifixed repairs has some customizable options that include the lock button, back housing, mute toggle and volume buttons. All services provided by ifixed repairs are truly remarkable and they can change the housing of your iPhone in less turnaround time.