A thorough study of features and more of an iPad Mini and why you need to buy it

Apple though famous for releasing new variants of their iPhones every year, also deserves mention in producing the best tablet in the market. The iPad Mini is back and this time it is much sleeker in design, fats in performance and light to carry. All the features can be availed at a very cheap rate, and you do not need to brood over your iPad Mini screen repair. Because it comes with a good warranty period in which Apple will look after your iPad Mini.


With Apple’s super powerful A12 Bionic processor, the iPad Mini is a clear winner from any other tabs in the market. You will feel the same speed you find in your iPhone, which means it will take lesser time to download apps, stream videos and quickly edit photos. The processor also lets you play your favorite game without a break. If you multitask with your device, then you should go for iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini boasts of a 7.9 inch Retina Display screen which supports True Tone and you will watch every object in a more natural looking colour. It is also less harmful for eyes, so now you can binge on your favourite Netflix series night after night. The screen is also much wide compared to an ordinary LCD screen.

Even you work in 150 units of screen brightness, the battery of iPad Mini will not drain out fast. Many gadget websites have tested the battery of iPad Mini and has found that even in heavy use, the battery can last for a whopping 12 hours. So you can work all day in your phone and also watch your favourite videos in your iPad Mini without any stopping.

You can also surf the latest apps in the Apple’s App store, which displays a huge array of apps varying through categories. You will also find the latest AR Apps powered by the iOS through which you can experience augmented reality. The Good Notes 5 is also helpful with the Apple Pencil, so you can take notes easily. You can find many apps here which have not even arrived at the Google Play Store yet.

There are many other cool features in the iPad Mini which can boost your creative soul, like the Apple Pencil. This makes the iPad Mini a great notebook to write on or a sketchbook to draw. You can either use Apple’s own accessory by paying a considerable amount of money, or use third party apps. The Procreate App is good for making sketches.

These are primarily the best features of an iPad Mini which may compel you to buy one. It will help you in your work and also be a good buddy in your leisure time. With so many apps and features, the iPad Mini has made its name as the best tablet in the market now. The policy of Apple regarding the warranty period also ensures that you do not need to run here and there for your iPad Mini Screen repair.