Do you have an iPad Pro 2018 edition? Wow, that’s great. But, today, what we are talking about is another additional cost that you should at least consider when buying your Apple tablet – its iPad screen repair price. Apple has a section within its support page that always reports on the repair costs of its products. This is the price that you would have to pay to fix your device in case it is out of warranty or suffers a serious accident. But, definitely, if you choose any other professional smartphone repairing center such as fixed, the price will be affordable. You only pay for the genuine products, and there will be no Apple’s monopoly business. 

iPad touch screen repair

The cost of repairing

Do you have an iPad and your screen has broken? Given that they are very large devices and with a full glass front, it is normal that in a fall, even a small fall, there I a chance that the screen will break. If it has happened to you, you must know the costs to repair it. According to Apple, the price depends on the model. If your new iPad Pro is covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan or the warranty that is required by law, you do not have to pay anything if you need a fix – as long as the repair requirements are met. If the screen is broken by accident, or liquid (water damage), it is your business, since accidental damage is not contemplated. But, in fixed, you can get the services in a lot more affordable price range. 

However, repairs that are made out of warranty (because the iPad is more than one year old, has suffered accidental damage or has external modifications) are subject to the following official rates of the house (VAT It is already included). IPad Pro (11 inches) has an out of warranty service rate of 350 – 500 Dollars. IPad Pro (12.9 inches of 3rd generation) has a repair cost of 450 – 650 Dollars. These rates will be varied depending on the iPhone repair stage. To these costs, you must also add a shipping fee, if applicable, also applicable only in these cases where the iPad is out of warranty.

Yes, the repairing cost is higher

These are definitely affordable prices. And in the case of the new iPad Pro 12.9 inches, its repair price gives almost double the savings to buy a new iPad Pro 10.5 inches. In the case of the new 11-inch version, with what it costs to fix it by official means you can save more than just buying the iPad or the iPad mini. If you can get your iPad fixed easily, then why should you buy a new one again and again? The battery has its separate rate that will not apply if the battery is defective and the iPad is covered by the warranty, which corresponds by law or the aforementioned AppleCare Protection Plan. In case of deterioration caused by normal use, the cost is 90 dollars (VAT already included), applicable to new iPads and any other version of the catalog.