Have you broken your Apple iPad screen? And, now you are searching for the best Apple service center of iPad screen replacement. In this case, you can trust the ifixed smartphone repairing service center, especially the smartest choice for iPad screen repair in affordable prices and genuine parts. But, before that, you should know, why to select ifixed service center. 

How and where to get your iPhone repaired

Why trust the professional service center?

They are specialized in repairing various models of smartphones such as Apple and Samsung, tablets, etc. The services are performed with the objective of repair solution, aiming at the best cost x benefit for the customer. You have accessories that value your devices, such as liquid or tempered glass, covers, chargers and much more. Also, the extensive inventory of parts allows repair services such as iPad screen repair or charging connectors for smartphones to be performed almost on time. Ifixed smartphone repairing service center buys accessories and spare parts from nationally recognized suppliers, they understand that the quality and agility in the completion of the repair must be a constant and, benefiting the customer with complete solutions in the repair of appliances that are part of their daily lives. Whether for personal or professional use, satisfaction is guaranteed here!

Is it worth visiting them?

They are a company that values ​​people, its concept is based on connecting people. Ifixed makes available the search and delivery service to its customers and the receiving of the device by professional with satisfaction and full brand warranty. As soon as they receive the smartphone, the technician immediately begins analysis for defect diagnosis and the best solution for repair, always aiming to solve the problem. After contacting the customer for budget information, once approved, they perform the repair and schedule delivery to the customer at the agreed time and address.

How does the entire service work?

If you are busy with your work and do not have enough time to go to the service center, do not worry. The time of carrying the broken smartphone for several days is now gone. Call the ifixed professional and ask for the home repairing process. The professional will come to you, see the smartphone and repair them on site. And, if not possible, you can simply ask for the home pick up process. The entire service works – 

  • Scheduling
  • Equipment withdrawal
  • Opening of the work order
  • Technical evaluation
  • Repair of the mobile device
  • Scheduling for delivery
  • Delivery of equipment

The types of smartphone repairing

They understand that unforeseen events happen with your mobile phone and that the daily rush may make it impossible for you to attend our store. So that you do not run out of your mobile device, contact them through the service channels – Website, email, phone or social networks.

  • Screen replacement due to falls or cracking
  • DE oxidation, consists of chemical cleaning in a logic plate to correct the operation in devices that had contact with liquid
  • Replacing charge connectors and batteries to troubleshoot non-charging or non-powered devices
  • Operating System Update to fix crashes
  • Change of power, volume, home buttons when inoperative or worn out
  • Camera replacement when grounded or not working.