The smartphones have emerged as the devices to carry your work and passion along. All the latest Android smartphones are battery operated and you need to charge the batteries from time to time to keep your communication and other applications with the gadgets on.

You can opt for smart phone repair through IFixed Repairs in case of any technical issue arises. This is the reputed service provider that offers mobile phone repair solutions reliably and at affordable prices. It is recommended to use your Android smartphones as per the recommendations of the manufacturers to avoid technical issues and improve its performance and durability.

Improve battery life

Do you know that even the wrong charging habits can ruin the battery life to a larger extent? Yes. There are some guidelines regarding the way you should charge the batteries of your Android smartphones. Here is an overview of some factors:

Charge your batteries when practically required:

Most of you are under the impression that your smartphone performs well when it is 100% charged. So, you would be keen to reach that 100% mark every now and then. However, according to the experts, the Android smartphones deliver the best performance when the battery is 30% – 80%. So, you should avoid ‘over-charging’ the battery.

Your mobile cases may cause a trap during charging:

You purchase the stylish and sturdy mobile cases for safety and styling. However, when you are charging the battery, it emits a considerable amount of heat. It is vital to remove the case, while charging. Otherwise, this heat gets trapped and causes damage to the battery.

Maintain the Android smartphone at a proper temperature:

Due to intense, continuous and excessive use, the mobile gets heated. This harms the overall lifespan of the battery and the entire device as well. So, it is ideal to stop using your mobile when it is heated, until it reaches the normal temperature.

You should not drain the battery completely:

MANY Android smartphone users feel that it is necessary to connect the charger when the device’s battery is completely drained. This harms the lithium-ion battery. It is good to drain it completely just once for better calibration. Otherwise, when you get the notification to connect the charger (usually when 10% – 20% charge is remaining) you should start charging the battery.

Avoid wireless charging and mobile cases:

Wireless charging has emerged as a boon to the frequent travelers. However, wireless charging and the mobile cases cause additional heating that damage the batteries. So, it is advisable to avoid excessive use of these options when they are not practically required.

Prefer use of the right charger:

The charger provided by the device manufacturers along with the Android smartphones would be designed as per the battery parameters. These chargers also have the feature to discontinue the power supply when the battery is fully charged. If you use some other charger, there might be some compatibility issues, leading to overcharging of the battery. This can harm the lifespan of the battery as well.

These are some tips that would surely help you to enhance the life and performance of the battery and you Android smartphone as well.

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