Without Battery, your amazing devices like laptop or smartphone becomes a dead electronics. Those rechargeable powerhouses have a lifespan that they will start losing power faster and gaining power longer.

Do you know how to care for your smartphone battery?

Your common practices can shorten the usable life of your smartphone’s battery. So, you should take care of your device which means adopt good charging habits and take care of your battery usage.

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Things you need to know how to care your battery


Don’t fully discharge your mobile before plugging it in

The deep discharges happen while using the mobile phone until your battery is low which means wear down the battery. No matter if your battery level is 10% or 20%. According to the survey, partial charges cause no harm to your mobile.


Keep your battery level between 65% and 75%

The smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries which is placed inside your phone. It offers the longest lifespan while kept your battery charging level between 65% and 75% at all the times.

It seems to be impractical to keep always your mobile charge between these levels. If you can’t maintain that level at least shoot for keeping between 45% and 75%. This one is the second best range for batteries.

If you want to keep your charger within the level, you should develop your daily routine to charge your phone at a particular time. If you do this regularly, your mobile won’t cause too much damage like mobile phone repair.


Never full your battery

Charging mobile phone from a low battery 25% to 100%, it will shorten the mobile lifespan and reduce its capacity. In fact, charging your phone from some amount to 100% is also a bad thing.

According to the research, lithium-ion batteries have no need to be charged fully as well as not desirable too. Don’t full your charge because a high voltage stresses the battery. You shouldn’t charge your phone overnight. Charging 100% to the phone that causes the most damage to your battery’s lifespan.


Heat is the killer of Long Battery life

Smartphones are more sensitive. When you charge the mobile, if your device gets hot, take it out immediately. You should cover your phone, it will protect your battery’s life. Keep it always cool!

Like high voltage, high temperatures stress the battery and reduce capacity far more quickly. Your mobile phone should be kept between 25 and 30 degree Celsius, it will help to retain 80% of its capacity.


Maybe do for replacement

Are you in the borderline about your battery life?

If your device has removable batteries, you may swap in a fully charged battery. Suppose, if you can’t avoid these bad practices, you may buy a fresh battery for your mobile. Mostly, smart phone repair due to charge your mobile overnight.

The mobile phone and batteries are designed to keep you from ruining them. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are smarter, better and more resilient than the others like nickel-metal hydrides. You should follow these tips to keep your mobile phone’s battery healthy.