Suffering from No SIM error on your iPhone? This might be due to various reasons and due to this, you won’t be able to connect to your network and not make or receive calls and not even use your 4G LTE data. Well, solutions to this error are pretty easy and can be done at home following some basic tricks or say knowledge. 


What are the signs of the error?

Signs are also much clear. You will get a message on your iPhone alerting about the error. The signal bars or dots at the top will also be missing or will be replaced by No SIM or Searching. 

Follow a few steps that are provided by the blog and if none of this works you can contact Apple or visit the Best Mobile Phone Service in Welwyn Garden City that is iFixed. They will take care of the error and fix it. 

Sometimes there is an error that the SIM gets dislocated so you can see for it. But the place at which SIM is located varies with model. For iPhone 3 series or lower look between the sleep button and the headphone jack for a tiny hole. It contains a tray that carries the SIM card. Well in the iPhone 4 series and upper model the SIM tray is near the sleep button that is on the right side. As you find the SIM tray just see if the SIM is located properly or not if it is dislocated then rectify it.  

How to fix the No SIM error?

These errors are solved easily just by keeping in action the few steps you can rectify the error.

  • Firstly restart your iPhone.
  • You can even try turning ON the airplane mode and then turning it OFF, this might refresh the connectivity system.
  • Reseat the SIM in case of any dislocation of the SIM.
  • Update your iOS if above both methods don’t work. You can go to setting then enter general settings and then click on Software Update. 
  • You can also check for the carrier setting update it can be one of the reasons behind the error. The phone company might have changed the setting of how to connect your phone with your SIM and you need to install them. If you want to know more about it then you can go to your phone Settings, tap General then tap About. And if any update is available you will get to know.
  • You can also try removing the SIM card and putting it back. Just keep in care that the SIM is kept properly.

Most of the time following these above simple steps the SIM error is fixed. 


No SIM error or Invalid SIM error can be solved by these small tricks or steps. Sometimes it happens that none of the above steps work so one can contact Apple, but as per a recommendation you can visit ifixed, they are mobile repair company in England and best at their work.